Moving You from Good to Great

Great clients, vs good clients, know how to get great work from their agency partners and for that work, to work. This is the most important measure of performance. Probably the only one. As a result they are promoted quicker. The trade press seeks out their opinions and we see them speaking at conferences. They have become famous.

They do this by putting themselves at the center of the creative process. An intricate dance of winning the trust and confidence of agency partners, knowing when to lead, when to let go – not an easy thing to do. They are more acutely attuned to fresh ideas and are experts in the precise art of fine-tuning. They go far beyond a well-written creative brief to a place of true inspiration. A place of happy accidents and surprises and having the business acumen to see them through to completion.  They’re great dancers.

Great clients add significant value and know the worth of that value.

Steve Hayden – Co-Creator of Apple’s “1984” spot reveals the secrets of working with some of the world’s greatest clients.

The Alchemy of Creative Excellence Masterclass

These 1 Day workshops are for clients aiming at the very peak positions of their profession.

Workshop Highlights

The Alchemy of Creative Excellence will help you tackle the deep, important topics of:

• Harnessing the force that attracts agency talent to you.
• Adding value to an already solid brief.
• Knowing how good you really are.
• Clearly articulating a high creative standard for everyone to follow.
• Ways to refine your aesthetic tastes and standards.
• Energizing a lifeless agency.
• Giving feedback on concepts to stimulate debate in the right areas.
• Creating situations where ‘happy accidents’ can happen.
• Using alignment science to unify stakeholders and administer a more intelligent method of agency relationship management.


Why should I do this?

The Alchemy of Creative Excellence is not for everyone. It is meant for those ready to transition to the next level. The Alchemy of Creative Excellence is designed to be a “masterclass”. It picks up where the existing training courses may end. It is meant to give you a better framework for putting your new knowledge into practice and taking things to a whole new level. It deals more with subtleties and nuances of getting the most out of agencies and assumes participants have a good grounding in the fundamentals.

Can you really teach an old dog new tricks?’

Yes, by knowing the magic. To be an elite player, you have to know how to pick the lock box of secrets of how to go from a talented executive to a leader in your field. It’s not about executive training. You’ve already done that. It’s about studying and applying certain behaviors, experimentation, taking intuitive leaps and fusing these ideas with your own talents to form your own individual style.

Artists, sport champions, musicians, actors, writers or, anyone who is at the peak of their profession, already know this. And so it is with advertising.

How is this workshop different to other training initiatives?

The assumption is that most training initiatives are designed to bring people up to a certain level. The problem is, if everyone is at this level, isn’t it merely breeding a place of mediocrity? Our workshop attempts to instill a code of behavior that naturally goes beyond mediocrity to a place of true excellence. This workshop is not a “death by PowerPoint” session. In fact there are very few slides. It relies more on discussions and “workshopping” between the participants.

What preparation do I need?

Be skeptical at first but come to the workshop with an open mind. Research some famous clients. Ask yourself what makes them stand out and come with a POV on this. Identify the obstacles or frustrations getting in the way of success. Come with a firm idea of what you would like to accomplish as a result of participating and a desire to do well.

How long is the workshop?

The workshop will last an entire working day.  Typically 9am to 5pm with coffee and lunch breaks. There will be time to check phones and emails, etc.

Will it be relevant?

Each workshop will be tailor-,ade to your specific situation. The moderator will have spent a great deal of time speaking with your agency partners and reviewing your processes. The workshop will take into account the realities of your business situations and corporate culture.

How will I know if this workshop is a good return on investment?

Central to the workshop will be the focus on measures. We will establish measures pertaining to creative ambition, inspiration of teams, and process scores eg. rounds of rework. You will use these measures to track your progress. If you see a shift for the better, then the workshop was worth the investment. At a minimum, you will gain a fresh perspective, which will inspire you to action.

You’ve mentioned “Design Thinking” when describing the workshop, what do you mean by that?

Design Thinking has become a bit of a buzzword since the widely read article in HBR back in 2008. Here is a useful background video

What we mean in this context is that we will undertake a formal process of creating solutions to ideals or visions we have imagined. A typical learning environment would be “today, we will learn how to do this.” It fixes specific problems: “How to write a better brief” for example. In this workshop we instead ask the questions, “What would happen if there were better briefs? What does this situation look like? Feel like?” etc. Then we work out solutions on how to achieve this situation. Each participant will find their own solution using their experience, knowledge, drive and enthusiasm. In other words, we use the creative process.


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