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Advertising and marketing collaborations can suck.

Alchemy will fix this.

We turn the messiness of human interactions in the advertising business into a functioning machine.

When you depend on delivering extraordinary results, we transform your ability to realize the big idea with a Nobel Prize inspired technique to align everyone in the ecosystem.

Push boundaries by identifying unseen possibilities.

Improve growth with clear solutions to complex problems.

Minimize risk by increasing certainty and speed.

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Turning Ideas Into Actions


The Big Idea: A campaign, strategy, innovation or any initiative requiring the collaboration of a group of people to succeed. Ideas are the result of a creative process born of imagination, intuition, and evidence. Typically driven by an individual or select group.


Divergent Opinions on the central idea are found in every person in the ecosystem. A mix of experience, position, politics, fears & apprehensions. They create blockages in realizing the big idea.


Alignment: When strong alignment is achieved, it eliminates the inefficiencies in the process, producing agreed coordinated actions. The results are faster outcomes, more certainty, and greater follow-through. It frees up the collective brain power to concentrate on matters of higher value in support of the big idea. The result is a bigger idea.

Improve success by melding Collaborations Architecture into your next important endeavor.




Collaborations Architecture Guarantees to Improve:


Collaborations Architecture eliminates the waste in human interactions


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Collaborations Architecture Overview

Collaborations Architecture is a pioneering management methodology developed by SchellingPoint now being used by many Fortune 100 companies. It is based on three main principles:



Like-Mindedness Theories 
of 2005 Nobel laureate, Thomas Schelling.

Reputation forged during the Cold War with his “Strategy of Conflict” – how can two opposing sides co-operate when they won’t even talk to each other?

Pioneered Segregation Theory.

The originator of the Tipping Point.

His famous thought experiment: If you ask 100 people to meet somewhere in New York City. And that is the only information you give them. An overwhelming majority will choose the clock at Grand Central Station.


Action Science studies of Harvard Professor, Chris Argyris.

Developed solutions for lasting behavioral change in organizations.

The importance of spoken and unspoken dialogues.

Pioneered Double-Loop Learning systems

His question: How do leaders know whether they are getting good advice or not?


Relational Networks

Original thinking on Relational Networks by Michael Taylor and Timothy Chambers of SchellingPoint focusing on organizing relationships in a rapid, constant changing world.

Alchemy has exclusive rights to the SchellingPoint system for the Advertising & Marketing industry.

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